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Editorial Guidelines

We publish A.T. Journeys four times a year to feature the people, places and events that make up the Appalachian Trail community. The magazine also highlights our conservation efforts and environmental concerns.

2019 advertising specs

Full page

Cost Per Ad: 
1x $1,665
2-3x $1,578
4x $1,473


7.375" w x 9.625" h
with bleed: 8.5" w x 11.125" h

1/2 page

Cost Per Ad:
1x $1,078
2-3x $963 
4x $898


horizontal 7.375" w x 4.75" h
vertical 3.5" w x 9.625" h

1/4 page

Cost Per Ad:
1x $703 
2-3x $644 
4x $615


vertical 3.5" w x 4.75" h

1/6 page

Cost Per Ad:
1x $594 
2-3x $572
4x $539


vertical 2.25" w x 4.75" h 

*A.T. Journeys Trim
8.375" x 10.875" h

A.T. Communities and designated A.T. Community Supporters receive a 20% discount when advertising in A.T. Journeys. For more information or to learn how to become an official A.T. Community or A.T. Community Supporter contact: Julie Judkins at

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ad space deadlines


Content Due: February 10th – 24th
Ad Space Held: February 17th
Ads Due: February 24th
Columns Due: March 9th
Membership Mailing Files needed: March 30th
All Proofs reviewed and returned: March 30th
Final Approval: April 3rd
Ship Date: April 13 – 15th


Content Due: May 11th – 25th
Ad Space Held: May 18th        
Ads Due: May 25th
Columns Due: June 8th 
Membership Mailing Files needed: June 26th
All Proofs reviewed and returned: June 26th 
Final Approval: July 3rd 
Ship Date: July 13th - 15th


Content Due: August 10th – 24th
Ad Space Held: August 17th
Ads Due: August 24th
Columns Due: September 7th
Membership Mailing Files needed: September 28th
All Proofs reviewed and returned: September 28th 
Final Approval: October 5th 
Ship Date: October 13th – 15th

Winter 2021

Content Due: November 9th – 23rd 2020
Ad Space Held: November 16th 2020
Ad Space Due: November 23rd 2020

need to purchase an ad?

Contact Wendy K. Probst, managing editor, at