Statement Regarding the Baxter State Park Permit System for Appalachian Trail Long-Distance Hikers

Date Published: Mar 10, 2016

Statement from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Executive Director/CEO Ron Tipton regarding the Baxter State Park permit system for long-distance hikers:

“The Appalachian Trail Conservancy understands that the increasing number of long-distance Appalachian Trail hikers presents a management challenge for Baxter State Park officials. We will continue to work cooperatively with Baxter State Park by informing and educating long-distance hikers about proper hiker behavior.  

To assist in the growing number of Appalachian Trail users and to help educate long-distance hikers about the new permit system Baxter State Park is implementing in 2016, the ATC will have a seasonal staff person in Monson, Maine beginning in the summer. A presence in Monson demonstrates the ATC’s commitment to a comprehensive and proactive stewardship plan that will further our ability to work with our partners in protecting a high-quality hiking experience.  

Long-distance hiking on the Appalachian Trail has steadily increased during the past two decades and, in Baxter State Park alone, Appalachian Trail hiker numbers have nearly doubled in the last 10 years. Overall, there are an estimated 3 million visitors on some portion of the Appalachian Trail each year. The ATC has existed for more than 90 years to preserve and manage the 2,190-mile Appalachian Trail, and with a growing interest in this world-famous Trail, the mission of the ATC remains just as relevant and important today.”


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  1. Rohuu | Nov 23, 2016
    Can I ask a question, is it available in ca?
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  3. Calvin | Mar 24, 2016
    Where can i go to get info on the new quota system in baxter? Regrettably, this article did not help
  4. Claudia Wilson | Mar 10, 2016

    As duly noted in multimedia on the subject of crowds at Baxter, the topic has been active for quite some time with references to potential regs a possibility down the road. The government is rushing a plan effective right now that impacts folks already on the trail. Everyone concerned is scrambling to comply and be good sports, which speaks well to those being burdened by having to deal with the fallout while the season is well underway.

    Reasonable people agree a situation exist at Baxter that needs thoughtful consideration and that addresses fair access for all Americans, regardless of how or why they access Baxter. The roll out does not reflect a sense of fair play.

  5. Barb Buemi-Webster | Mar 10, 2016

    Most of my younger years I have dreamed of walking the AT. Had to raise seven children first, then went to 

    College,which took five years. Always reading about the trail and books written by thru-hikers... Worked 30 years never can save enough money to hike due to buying a house we rehabbed, then due to health issues retired several years early. Lost my ability to walk and was wheelchair dependent. 

    Well, I know that this dream won't come true but gain strength in knowing others will walk the AT. Thank you to all who keep the trail open and safe. This is a great resource in our country. Thank you again.

  6. TJ aka Teej | Mar 10, 2016

    Thanks, Ron.

    Very glad to see BSP's proactive moves to continue their mission of protecting Governor Baxter's generous gift to the people of Maine.

    An ATC presence in Monson was proposed early on after the Park Director's letter to ATC, great move bringing it to fruition!


  7. Little Willie | Mar 10, 2016
    This article is not very informative.

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