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Appalachian Trail Community: Norwich, Vermont

Norwich, Vermont is located in Windsor County and has a population of about 3,363. It is located along the Connecticut River, is home to many businesses and nonprofit organizations, and has a vibrant downtown and village green.  The Appalachian Trail runs through a wooded section of Norwich and comes out on Elm Street, leading down to Main Street.  From there the A.T. follows Rte 5 down to the Ledyard Bridge and crosses over the Connecticut River into Hanover, NH.  There are many local businesses that are welcoming to hikers as well as a large system of trails that is part of the Upper Valley Trails Alliance.  Norwich is proud to be home to The Montshire Museum, only a short spur off the A.T.  There is an active Farmers’ Market every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm starting in May and running until the end of October.  The market is located on Route 5 South, only a little over a mile from the A.T. 

Hiker Resource: The A.T. Hiker FAQ’s booklet for the Hanover, NH and Norwich, VT area includes special offers and services for hikers, including a list of restaurants, hotels, parking, transportation, laundry, lodging, camping and more!

The Norwich Public Library warmly welcomes hikers, offering cool and inviting spaces to relax. Catch up with friends and family and find something good to read on the Trail.  Free Internet access is available through our 24/7 Wi-FI and public computers. Take time to explore the paperback book exchange for free books.  The best part, they never have to be returned! Want to catch up on world events? Check out the diverse magazine collection and The New York Times.  The Library is open: Monday 1 - 8PM, Tues, Wed. & Friday 10 - 5:30PM, Thursday 10 – 8PM and Saturday 10 – 3PM. 

A.T. Journeys Norwich, VT article - CLICK HERE to download. 

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