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Appalachian Trail Community: Troutville, VA

The Town of Troutville, became a designated A.T. Community in order to build a viable, sustainable, GREEN economy while preserving the beauty and natural resources of Botetourt County. The community designation creates an awareness of Troutville’s vital place within the Roanoke Valley thus establishing a greater link within these communities. The A.T. has been identified as a key asset during Troutville’s strategic planning process and is important as part of an overall plan to revitalize the town.  The citizens of the community have been leading the transformation of the town and have formally organized into a 501 (3) (C) non-profit, all volunteer, organization to be in the best position to foster community spirit, organize key signature events, and to complete the plan initiatives.  As such the citizen’s voice is growing in the community.

The community offers free resources for hikers: The Troutville Fire Department offers free showers and laundry; Hikers can camp out in the Town Park for free anytime and may have free access to the pavilions by contacting the Park Director to check on their availability at  540/580-4649. Large restrooms are open in the Park 24/7.

In 2012, the town hosted their first Troutville Trail Days, celebrating the A.T. and their designation status. Attendance was good and the committee is looking forward to making it an annual event, on the second Friday and Saturday in June. Educational sessions on Trail-related subjects and hiking a section of the A.T. with the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club are just a few of the reasons to check it out.  More details can be found on troutvilletraildays.org

The town's location is a good midway point from some of the major hiking segments of the A.T. The town gateway encompasses a highly utilized post office by hikers, which is within a short walking distance. It is a great start and end point for numerous sectional hikes. Major road access points such as Interstate 81, Route 11, and Route 220 are within short distances from each other and connect many businesses of interest. Ongoing local recognition and awareness within the community of the A.T. will protect it for both present and future generations. Teacher led curriculum and activities are already creating a community where the youth care about the A.T. in the community hopes they will become the A.T.'s future stewards.  As the Trail becomes more and more a part of the community, we believe community support will grow for its maintenance, enhancement, and protection while the community can enjoy its splendor!

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