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Appalachian Trail Day Hikers



Recommended A.T. Day Hikes - Day-hikes in each of the A.T.'s 14 states.

A.T. 14 State Challenge – Beginner-friendly short day hikes (1 to 4 miles) are featured for each of the A.T.'s 14 states. Driving destinations are also highlighted in each state that require little or no hiking. Take the challenge!  - Dozens of day hikes , with in-depth ratings, descriptions, directions, keywords,  interactive maps, reviews, user-contributed photos, elevation profiles, and more. Some advanced features require a subscription. App also available. 

ATC Interactive map - Shows parking, major viewpoints/vistas, and A.T. Communities. This can help you locate access points; you'll need a map or guidebook to fill in the details. 

Guthook app - An A.T.-specific app by Atlas Guides, designed for long-distance hikers but a useful navigational tool for day hikers as well. It includes elevation profile, photos, comments on multiple features. Sections available for purchase by Android users; IOS users must purchase entire A.T.

Hiking Project  - The Hiking Project is a crowd-sourced online trail guide and mapping resource created by REI. It including GPS tracks, detailed descriptions, photos, and ratings, reviewed by staff. App also available.


Regional (south to north)

Roanoke A.T. - Twelve contiguous road-to-road hikes along the trail club's 120 mile section of the A.T. in central Virginia, ranging from 5 to13 miles, with descriptions and interactive maps. - Dozens of day hikes from North Carolina through Pennsylvania with descriptions, interactive and locator maps, elevation profiles, and many helpful details, including length, and user ratings of difficulty, streams, views, and solitude.

New York-New Jersey Trail Conference – Many day hikes on and off the A.T. in New Jersey and New York.

Vermont & New Hampshire Trail Finder – An interactive mapping site with photos, reviews and user comments, overseen by the Upper Valley Trails Alliance and reviewed by trail managers and others.

Maine Trail Finder – An interactive mapping site with photos, reviews and user comments, overseen by the Center for Community GIS, and reviewed by trail managers and others.  


  • Best of the Appalachian Trail: Day Hikes – Point-by-point hike descriptions with trailhead directions. Hikes range in length from less than 1 mile to 11 miles. Previews the flora, fauna, and history of the A.T. Up to dozen hikes are featured in each of the A.T.'s 14 states. 

  • Best Hikes of the Appalachian Trail – A series of three books, divided into South, Mid-Atlantic, and New England, featuring hike descriptions, photographs, maps, elevation profiles, trailhead coordinates, and nearby attractions. Also ratings of scenery, wildlife, seclusion, waterfalls, history, geology, views, and accessibility for kids. (Includes 40+ hikes in each region)

  • The Appalachian Trail Day Hikers' Guide: Downhill to Fine Wine and Accommodations: Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee 

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