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Trail Management Resources

Trail Management Resources

A.T. Partners share the responsibility of the management of the Appalachian Trail. The resources found here include essential information for volunteer coordination, project management, field oversight, essentials on cooperative management, as well as corridor stewardship resources.

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Volunteer Coordination

A.T. volunteer coordinators and managers lead more than 6,000 people who give their time each year to keep the Trail open and help inform more than three million visitors. They play a vital role by driving volunteer programs, providing ongoing support to volunteers, and serving as the main point of contact for volunteers.

Volunteer coordinators' responsibilities include recruitment, retention, and reporting. 


Project Planning

Resources for the hands-on work of building and maintaining the A.T. footpath and its facilities.


Policies and Planning

Our policies on a wide variety of issues that affect the Trail can be found below. They are also incorporated into the Local Management Planning Guide to assist Trail Clubs in developing Trail management plans.

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Field Leadership

Work trip leaders lead with safety, set the stage for a great volunteer experience, and coordinate a great deal of accomplishments.

Trail crews surveying the boundaries of the Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

Boundary Program

Resources for monitoring and maintaining the A.T. corridor boundary.