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Cultivating the Next Generation of Volunteers

Expanding Partnerships, Meeting New People, Building a Successful Future

Into the Future 

The future of the volunteer legacy for the Appalachian Trail is only as strong as the shared efforts of the A.T. network of partners to expand relationships and collaboration with more people and partners in the 21st Century and beyond.

The aim is to introduce more people to the Appalachian Trail, to foster opportunities for understanding, and offer ways for all people to add to the rich fabric of recreation, advocacy, and volunteerism that holds the Trail together. 

Resources for A.T. Partners

A.T. Partners may utilize these tools and resources to cultivate interest in the A.T. and involvement in its stewardship. 

Damascus_33A guide to structuring activities and stewardship opportunities for inviting families on the A.T.
Corbin-HillTrail-maintaining clubs and A.T. Communities may host family hikes in conjunction with ATC and National Public Lands Day each September for an official 'Family Hiking Day' event, or schedule and promote these events on a more regular basis.  
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A.T. Partners working with schools and educators may support a broadened awareness for the Trail by:

  • Leading guided hikes on the Trail,
  • Coordinating volunteer service trips since service learning is an increasing part of school requirements, or
  • Sharing education resources with teachers you know, or
  • Enriching curriculum focused on the A.T. by sharing other skills and expertise