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“Planning for a group volunteer opportunity takes advanced planning. Here's what you need to know.”

Bring a Group


Planning a group volunteer outing takes time and close coordination between your group leaders and A.T. work trip project leaders. We recommend beginning the planning phase at least two to three months in advance of your desired volunteer opportunity. 

All groups - whether volunteering, hiking, or taking an overnight backpacking trip - should be familiar with information ATC shares with all groups visiting the Appalachian Trail. 

Plan Ahead

As you prepare to reach out to us or one of our Appalachian Trail maintaining clubs about volunteering, consider some information that we will need to help you get the most out of your desired experience. 

Group Details

You know your group the best. When you reach out to us, please describe it in as much detail as you can:

Group Size: Let us know how many people are part of your group and if all or a certain part of that group would be interested in volunteering.

Age Range: We work with volunteers of all ages, but to help find the right fit for your group, be sure to let us know at the outset what ages your group includes. 

Experience: Describe the general activity level of members of your group and if you think they would be best suited for light, medium, or heavy-duty work. You might also include any prior experience your group or individuals have with the Appalachian Trail or other outside activities. 

Site Logistics 

Determinations about when and where work will occur are based on a number of factors, including your schedule and travel itinerary.

Timing: Let us know what date(s) or seasons you're considering for your group's volunteer opportunity. The more flexibility your group has, the easier it can be to find the right fit for your group's work on the A.T. We know that sometimes dates are fixed, so if that's the case, do let us know. Consider what amount of time your group would like to volunteer: half-day, full-day, multiple-days. Trail Crew offers excellent multi-day opportunities. 

Travel Distance: Depending on where you're coming from and where you are staying the night before/after your work trip has an impact on the work day. Travel time to the Appalachian Trail varies, so the more ideas you can share about your itinerary (even if they are just ideas), allow us to work together to define a schedule. 


Volunteering to help the Appalachian Trail can take many forms. It can be front-country or back-country, and opportunities can be suited to participant skill level. 

Desired Experience: Tell us a bit about what your group is hoping to gain from this experience. By helping us understand your motivations, we will be better suited to identify the right kind of project for your group.

It's important that all members of a group desire to participate in the activity and have a clear understanding of the expectations for their activity. A.T. work trip leaders will help set expectations for participants once a project is identified. 

Make the Connection

Service activities on the Appalachian Trail are coordinated by either one of the 31 A.T. Maintaining Clubs, by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, or a land management partner. The information for your type of group should help guide you to the right connection.

Youth Groups and Scouts: Recognizing that service starts close to home for troops and youth groups wanting to give back, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy suggests that groups connect directly with clubs in their closest proximity.

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Corporate Groups:Volunteering is a great way to strengthen your team and enjoy the outdoors. Coupled with a financial contribution, your day of purpose as an even greater lasting legacy. Complete the interest form below. After a volunteer project is confirmed, we'll reach out to determine which giving level is the best fit for you.

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College Groups:If your college group has an existing relationship with a Trail Club, contact the club. If you're new to volunteering, fill out the interest form. Share your experience on Instagram or your favorite platform using #ATVolunteer.

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Students & Teachers: ATC offers resources for service-learning projects and curriculum for bringing the Trail to your classroom. However, all projects should be coordinated with the local A.T. Club.

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Volunteers at Trail Days Recognition

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Volunteers are "the soul" of the Appalachian Trail, and we appreciate all of their efforts! These extraordinary people put in approximately 200,000 hours of volunteer work every year in an effort to keep the A.T. open and in good repair and to manage and promote the Trail. Click the buttons below to learn more, or to nominate someone you believe should be recognized.